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The Wittle Winter Weight Loss Challenge

The Wittle Winter Weight Loss Challenge is from January 4- March 31, 2016. This challenge is to encourage, inspire, and move you out of your comfort zone and to help you start yourself on the right foot for the new year! This is the first of 4 challenges this year and one that will set you up for a success as you accomplish one of your new years resolutions to lose the weight and become a healthier you this year! Let's do this together! Below you will see what the current members of the group see so you can get an idea of what is going on. 

Hello! If you are in this group it is because you have shown an interest in the first of four weight loss challenges for 2016. I thank you for wanting to join me and many others in this ... the year we commit to having a healthier body and lifestyle than the way we started it! I commend you for taking the reigns and giving yourself the gift of good health! I for one, am excited to once again get back to where I feel comfortable in my own skin and do not want to hide under a hoodie every single day. 

This challenge will run from 12:01am (CST) on January 4 through midnight on March 31. Challenges in the past have included a prize but this particular prize is confidence to know you CAN do this, and get to or at least closer to your goal by the end of the year. YOU and good health ARE the prize!

Every participant is expected to weigh in weekly. There are no bi's this challenge. (In challenges past you have been given 2 "bi weeks" where you could choose to weigh in or not. 

Because this is a sensitive topic for many I WILL NOT ask you (this challenge at least) to give me your weigh in by what your weight is. *IF* and only *IF* you desire you can share that with the group. We will have a collective weigh in on Monday's and then again on the last day of the challenge (which is a Thursday). When you weigh in for your initial you can note it on the thread that I will start with "weekly weigh in January 4" by your weight or simply the notation "weighed in and ready!". Each Monday after the 4th, there will be a weigh in thread and you can note the number of pounds(ounces) lost or gained. You can also keep track of the percentage by following this equation.  The percentage lost can simply be calculated by dividing the number of pounds you have lost by your beginning weight and then multiplying this number by 100. (EX: Jane loses 3 pounds. Her starting weight was 175. Divide 3 by 175 = 0.017. Take 0.017 x it by 100 = % loss would be 1.71. If by chance that was a 3 pound GAIN the percentage would be the same ... but would be a gain and not a loss.)

Code of Conduct
Be kind and courteous to one another. I know this shouldn't be a big deal but it needs to be noted. Encourage one another, lift one another up, and celebrate other's successes even if your struggling! Do NOT be afraid to reach out IF YOU ARE struggling, that is why we have this group! Remember, not everyone is on the same "plan" and we must respect that. What works for one of us may not work for the others. 

If someone shows a different belief system then you (religion/sexual orientation/etc) please be adults and be respectful. Agree to disagree because in reality this group is for support, encouragement, and the like on weight loss. 

Have patience with one another. If lives get busy and this group is not as active as you would like, do what you can to spark an engaging conversation. But please understand that many of us live very busy lives, and are unable to plug in at the computer for long periods of time. Do what you can, when you can. 

1. Can I let my friends join?
Yes! They can request to be added to the group at any time! 

2. Will I automatically be added to the Spring challenge?
No. I would love to say yes, but there are times when people do not want to continue and I cannot force you to join! All you have to do however, when the thread pops up at the end of March asking who is interested is comment with your interest! 

3. How in the world did you come up with this challenge name?
Creativity?! :) Wittle could be a fun name that means to whittle like wood, like chisel, but I needed something that kind of sounded cute! Don't like? Don't worry. Your only stuck with it for three months! 

4. What happens if I quit the challenge? Can I come back? 
Of course. WE all have those moments where we feel like "this isn't for me", but I would LOVE for you to talk to me first if you can. Perhaps your having a moment and just need to take a break! Just know that when you quit your not hurting anyone else but yourself. 

5. How can I contact you outside of FB?
Email me at sckakame(at)aol(dot)com. Send me a private message here on fb. If you know it, send me a text on my personal phone. 

Let the fun begin! If you are interested in joining this weight loss challenge feel free to check us out here:

I will be sharing on my personal journey both here in the blog and by video on Wednesdays for Weight Loss Wednesday! 

Hi! I am Sheila, wife of 20 years, mom to three teens, preschool teacher, blogger, writer, and now daily vlogger! Thank you for joining me for my daily vlogs!
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