Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday: Keep your eye on your goals!

That's right! This post will not be very long but I hope it's long enough to make a lightbulb go off in that brain of yours, or in the least enough to spark that line of passion that is deep within you. You know the one I am talking about ~ writing a book, singing a song in front of a crowd, teaching a class, taking a class, starting your own business, starting your own ministry, or heck even doing stand up at a local comedy club. Do it! What are you waiting on?

Are you hearing negative feedback from those so called "friends"? Well let's face it ~ not every one has the same desire you do, nor do they understand the drive and passion behind yours.

Are you hearing negative feedback from yourself? Well why? Are you trying to do something that wasn't what YOU were called to do but your best friend is doing? Stop it! If the dream and goal you want to reach is authentic, it will not let you stay away from it too long. You will think about it day in and day out. That's okay! But stop just thinking. Do something today to put a step forward and get on the path that will lead you to the end result you desire!

I believe in you! It's time to start believing in yourself!


I also did a video today ~ that has a bit more depth into it. Go check it out! 

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