Thursday, May 12, 2016

Riding the waves of life I was a cheater.

Yup. Blogging is doing just that ~ riding the waves of life. It seems like this year has really been one of the busiest of my lives. Between three teenagers, a full time job, keeping a home, cooking most nights a week, time for what most people call hobbies just isn't there. Not if I want enough sleep.

Do you know what?! I probably left out a few things. I gave you blank excuses, that sounded plausible and understandable by most busy moms. See we can find every excuse in the book to not accomplish that to do list, that goal sheet for the week, or even marking things off your bucket list for your lifetime.

Basically I have been allowing myself to ride the waves of life for the last couple of months. I haven't been as productive as I would like to be as far as blogging, writing, and creating YouTube content. The end of the school year is tough for parents and teachers alike. When you are both ~ it is just that much more difficult to keep your head above water. The sun sets later and in our home we find ourselves eating later and later and then bedtime sneaking up on us eventually leading us to a bedtime that is not so favorable to true good rest.

But I am doing a countdown at school and as far as school days we only have 14 left! Wow! 14 school days! Then do you know what happens? We drop for a few days! Literally. Quiet. Doing what we want for a few days, and then find a summer time routine that works for our family the best. For me that means regular content both on the blog, YouTube, and finishing #mydirtylittlesecret and pushing forward to book #2 in the Ladies of Cotton Lake Series.

Last Summer I did not spend much time outside, and I felt it. I am a firm believer of natural Vitamin D and the importance of being outside in nature as much as possible. When we keep to ourselves inside ... and away from what is natural we become something that is ... well not natural. My goal this summer is to spend time daily (several times in fact) outside. I will start my day and end my day outside. Breathing in fresh air, walking in the sun, basking in the moments that are given to me to become refreshed and rejuvenated before the next work year begins. This summer I refuse to allow it to be like last year. I can't. I won't make it if I do. I think I skipped that refreshing part. I skipped the part where I was rejuvenated. In some ways I cheated myself. I cheated those around me. I have been doing videos on letting go of Limiting Beliefs and while I wanted to do another video today ~ it just wasn't in the cards. I am working on those behind the scenes bit by bit but the most important part is me realizing what limiting beliefs I have in my life, in my thinking and sadly have even taught my children. *sigh* NO longer!

So, if you all can just hang in there with me..... know that more content is coming on a regular basis very soon!


Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs Videos:
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