Friday, June 3, 2016

I woke up with a hangover that every teacher knows all too well

Today, I woke up ... knowing I was going to be feeling a bit worn for wear. See... I just spent the last ten months running a real life marathon of trying to be Super Mom & Super Teacher, both of which I have failed at miserably, yet have had some successes that at least take a bit of the sting away.

I indeed have a hangover! A School Year hangover and the only cure is summer break! I am being very careful and diligent at allowing myself some down time. Yet, when I sat here to write this blog post this morning , I got up (right after that first sentence of this paragraph) and began cleaning up the house. I have not being keeping up with my regular cleaning schedule and it was getting out of hand. Like most other teachers, I found myself doing just enough to survive. I had greater intentions but I didn't have the follow up to go with it. Intentions are not always enough. You need that follow through to claim it as reality ~ and that goes for anything we desire in our lives.

I woke up immediately wondering if I had done anything in the school year that might would come back to haunt me later. Just like a real hangover, I had those thoughts "Did I do anything I will be embarrassed by later on?" ,  "Did I do something that might later on embarrass my co teachers, my boss, my family?". I also had questions like "Did I make an impact big enough to matter this year?", "Did I waste too much time?", and "Did I make a difference?".

I am weary. I did not sleep in on a morning I could. It is HIGH on my agenda to do that tomorrow though. BUT I am beginning to feel elated about the possibilities of regrouping, restructuring  my time, and like I have said before ~ NOT give my husband and my kids my left overs. They get the priority of my time and energy. THAT alone excites me.

As a teacher we give out every single minute those little people are in our presence, and even in the moments before and after they leave our care. Heck, I take them home with me ~ in my thoughts, in my heart, and ... for some .... in my emotions. Kids now a days have so much they go through that we did not face ourselves in the age in which they are in. I myself teach preschoolers and there are some who have seen too much for their little mind and hearts. It hurts! It hurts so much to know they are in such an environment that we as adults would crumble under, yet for them it is simply just life as they know it. THOSE are the things that we take home (as teachers) and can't seem to shake off. When I walk into the school ~ I am able to shake off my own concerns because they are NOTHING compared to theirs. It truly puts life into perspective.

I have always said every single person should be required to work retail for a minimum of a year. I am now realizing that maybe everyone should be required to teach for a year. It would so change your thought process on life. Period.

If you are a teacher ~ I commend you on getting through one more year! You are amazing and have changed and impacted lives in ways you may not ever get to know ~ but I know. Have an amazing summer and make sure in between all those ideas swirling in your head on what to change for the next year that you open up your day to recover, recoup, and regroup!

I filmed and shared a video the other day that might give you some inspiration on how to get the MOST out of your summer! CLICK HERE to see it!


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