Thursday, July 7, 2016

I DID IT!!! I just forgot to tell you!

Oh my goodness! I haven't told you! I FINISHED writing #mydirtylittlesecret! YES I DID! It took me just over a year. Now, I am in the editing process and have been brainstorming for the next book that I have planned to write! It is NOT the second installment of The Ladies of Cotton Lake Series, but the next in that series will be written after that. I am hoping to have the book released by August 15th. That is the goal. And speaking of goals. I have found as a writer who is also a busy mom, wife, and teacher ... if I set myself a hard deadline (since I am a self published author) it is keeping me on track! Just writing as I "feel" like it, I can often find other things that I "feel" like doing too!

I really came on to begin writing a blog to coordinate with a video and realized I hadn't shared that good news! Did you know I am doing more YouTube videos? In fact, I have been striving for hitting at  minimum of 5 videos a week, and I for the most part I come close! You can check those out here:

Alright! It is my goal NOW to at least blog three times a week, continue the 5 videos a week, and of course regular updated links and such over on the facebook page: ONE PRETTY LITTLE BOX FACEBOOK PAGE


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