Sunday, January 1, 2017

I've got two words for you 2017!

Every year I try to find a word that resonates with me for the upcoming new year to focus on. Some years I process that word for a few weeks and the desire for it just fizzles. Some years, I am reminded all  year long about the desire of that word. I woke up the other day and realized what my word for 2017 is. I desire so much more out of life, and yet in the same breath I tend to play it too safe. I have learned over the last few years to embrace and even encourage change .... but I have never done this. I have never said my word for the year is ... "Chances". That's right. I am opening myself up and my focus this year will be to continue to accept change but better than that ~ I am going to take more chances in life. I am going to stop playing it safe, because by doing so I feel like I truly miss out on some GREAT experiences.

I am going to face every day with the intention to choose taking a chance rather than playing it safe. Simply put i am going to do more in my life without planning it out first. *What?!* I am not going to play it safe or do something that has a predictable outcome all the time. For someone like me, this is a really HUGE step! I mean I like to keep things safe around me ... I put a wall up often out of fear of being hurt, damaged, even misunderstood.

So that is my word! I am going to take chances in my career, in my relationships, even in my hobbies! I am tired of living so predictable. I am tired of playing life safe. I ready for adventure, and to experience new things!

The second word I wanted to talk to you about today I already alluded to! It is the word "intention". I am realizing the major difference in those who make goals and those who achieve them is more than just the goal setting part. Take two people with the same goal. Both have a plan of action. One however chooses to set their intention clearly while the other just goes at without a whole lot of forethought. While both might meet their goal, the one who set a clear intention at the beginning of the goal setting process and kept focused on that intention found success a whole lot sooner, and with greater results.

What does it mean to set your intention? An intention is the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose. Without you really are just walking around aimlessly hoping that things fall into place. Setting the intention clears up the matter a whole lot faster!

How do you set your intentions?
1. Be authentic in your intention. If you are wanting, say a new job why? In fact, that is one intention I will be setting for this year, in fact before summer even arises. ( I will elaborate in just a bit.)

2. Find balance in your intention. Don't play it safe, but do not try to learn juggling with knives.

3. Be detail oriented and crystal clear with what you really want.  This isn't a time to be passive, or even passive aggressive. Just think if you got exactly what you wished for .... are  you fine with a meal... or did you want Pizza with Ranch, Wings, and a Cold Coke?

4. What you say matters! This means internally as well as outwardly! Don't dumb down your desire by saying your not worthy or smart enough for that.

5. Say what? Say it again and again and again! That's right. Create a window in your day everyday to repeat your intentions verbally for a minimum of 20 seconds. Yes out loud! The best time? AS soon as you wake up!

6. Don't dwell on the past! It's behind you and honestly, can't be fixed or changed. Move forward and look ahead!

7. Find something to be grateful for every single day of your life! Make it a practice that you take time to write out a gratitude list at least once a day.

Now... I already told you this year one of my biggest intentions is that I am wanting a new career. Not just a new job, or a new position in my same place of employment. No. I want a whole new career. So here is what it looks like if I am setting my intention in a manner that will bring results!

In the year of 2017 I will be presented with a new career opportunity that allows for creativity, amazing working relationships, and unlimited growth as well as pays above and beyond my wildest expectations that allows our family to experience financial abundance like never before. It will bring joy, fulfillment, and still allow me to spend quality time with my family and taking care of our home.

That is my intention! That is what I am going to experience early on in 2017 because I have set my intentions clearly and I am ready to take chances that I never have before.

Do you set a word for your year? If you do, I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below, or we can chat over on Facebook!


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