Sunday, January 8, 2017

That moment between the exhale and the inhale: What's next?

There is a moment of anticipation that has become so common that it is often over looked. It is forgotten yet it happens so frequently in our lives that it is easy to take it for granted.

It is that moment... just as you exhale right before you inhale again. We all just take for grated that our bodies know what to do ~ in fact it is an amazing thing that our lungs automatically fill up with air again once they are emptied.Only those who are critically ill worry about whether or not they have taken their last breath, then once again are relieved when they realize they had not....until it's time to take another breath.

Sometimes, life is just like that. Our lives go by so beautifully and amazing without any problems or conflict we rarely think about what it would be like if it were the other way around. We laugh, and go about our day without concerns or worries just knowing that life is going to continue to be just as beautiful as it always has been. That is, until we are in critical condition with life situations that truly do take our breath away.

Moment by moment we wonder will this be it? Did we just truly take our last breath? How long can we make it last before we truly do succumb to life's troubles that over take us and pull us under?

Our family has faced some trouble of it's own like never before in recent months. In fact I am having to face things as a parent I have never wanted for them, or myself. BUT that is how life is. Sometimes it is hard to breathe, sometimes we have to face the moment as if it is our last and do our best. While I know this is just a season, it has taught me what I do not want out of life. It has taught me what is most important in my life as well.

Go ahead. Try it. Inhale, take a deep breath... and let it out. Feel your chest swell, and go down again. Feel life entering your body, and experience it as it slowly escapes out.

These moments in life give fuel to the belief that you have to stop wasting time and energy on things that really have no value. Things like wanting acceptance from others. Sure, wanting acceptance from your spouse and children are pretty important and I would say that is should be pretty high on your list of importance. But wasting time worrying about others accepting you say, at work. I do not do female jr high drama. And cliques to me .. are just that. I go to work, and I enjoy the people I work with while I am there, but I do not see spending time with any of them outside of work. (Well, there is one! ) I go to work, do my job, and come back home. Home is the most important place to me in this whole world. Do you know why? Because I am called to be the heart and the creator of love, life, and peace in our home. I know this will all that I am. It *is* my highest calling and I take it very seriously. Yes I am currently called to teach preschoolers, but I can honestly say that I feel that is coming to an end. Not the gift ~ because that is deep within just who I am, but the actual job itself. I could be wrong, God might have a few more years planned for me there, but I am not feeling like that is all I could do or all I should do. I am growing as a person and as I breath out, I know there is still breath left to go. This time last year, or even as far back as November I wasn't sure if there a breath left in me.

If you are going through a difficult time, please know that you are not alone. And with that said, please also know that it is only to grow and stretch you into the person you are meant to be for that next level, that next step in life. This is something I have been able to pull out of our own situation, and have encouraged my husband as well as the kids to reflect on as well.

I pray that this post finds you and your family well, content, and ready to grow in 2017! I will see you guys tomorrow for Motivational Monday which will also include a video that you can visit as well! Like I said  yesterday (I think) I will not always combine videos and blog posts, as they ARE both their own entities, but they will from time to time (a few times a week) possibly overlap. Happy Sunday friends!


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