Monday, March 27, 2017

Motivational Monday: {Next Level Living "I've Had It!"}

Welcome back to One Pretty Little Box! I know that this blog has gone incognito for quite some time but if you would like to catch up with me, feel free to hop on over the YouTube channel and see what I've been up to! (The quickest way to catch up for sure!)

With that said, while today's video is rendering and uploading I have decided to also do a coordinating blog post ~ just to catch some of the points I wanted to share that I might have missed in the video!

What is Next Level Living you ask? That is one of the easiest yet hardest things to explain, mainly because it is different for everyone. Different as night and day. Different as water and whine.

See, I don't know about you but I for one am ready for some "Next Level" living. My idea of Next Level Living is simply that I am ready to take every aspect of my life to the  next level. My career, my writing, my relationships, ALL of it! It means not only meeting my goals but surpassing them.

If I am going to actually DO the "Next Level Living" I must let go of:
*value of other's opinions when it comes to my life's decisions
*limits put on me by other's or myself
*limitations and boundaries that are man made ~ in any way shape or form (either by limited thinking of myself or others)
*remove myself from any and all forms of enabling non "next level" thinking (ex: conversations, social media, groups, etc)

I share in a much more intimate way on the video so check it out here:


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