Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Walking Out With Your Dignity

Yesterday I shared 5 Signs To Know When It's Time To Quit and today will mark the last post/video in this series. Today we are going to discuss how to walk out of a job with your dignity in tact. I don't known you but my name says a lot. It carries a lot of responsibility, and it says a lot about me. Why? Because my name also holds my reputation, my work ethic, and lastly but not least my dignity.

There are a few steps that you must take to leave your job with your dignity in tact.

1. Read your current contract

What are the steps outlined in your current contract to end the relationship with you and your current employer? Do they request a certain amount of time (IE: standards 2 weeks notice) for your exit? Whatever you do, make sure you leave on a good note by following those steps. I say this is so crucial and one of the most important because by doing so, you leave on good terms and should insure that you will be given your last pay check and whatever package benefits that you might have acquired.

2. Know if your state is an "at will" state. 

I live and work in Texas and it is an at will state. It basically means that your employer is "at will" to release you without a given reason. It also means that you are "at will" to leave your job with no reason given. Even if you ARE working in an "at will" state it is always a good idea to turn in your resignation and follow the steps outlined in your contract as stated above.

My contract states that it requires a two week notice in resignation. I gave four days. Why? I finished out the school year and that was indeed what was the important thing. Had I left in the school year I would have given them ample notice especially as you all already know I still have a couple of weeks before my new career begins.

3. Control your emotions

If there are emotions in your reasons for resignation. When you are writing that resignation and during any "exit interviews" you may have, keep it professional. The less emotion the better. In fact in my resignation I would have loved to have disclosed the full reasons that led up to it, but it would serve no positive purpose. Even with your coworkers keep it professional. Negativity really serves NO PURPOSE in business. Gossip, slander, and hearsay is nothing but negative.

4. Leave items behind that you no longer need.

I say this coming from a teacher's point of view. I knew that I was not returning to the classroom or that environment and none of the items would have benefited my own children. So I left it all. Our school has an inventory request form (again, read that contract) and on it you should list the items that you personally paid for that you are requesting to take. Then the next step is to pack it in a box and allow administration to compare box with inventory list. I get it. I understand why this is necessary because so many teachers in our school request reimbursement and then when they quit and leave they have been known to take the items with them which in reality is theft.

5. Turn in keys/id badges

One of the last steps, is to indeed turn in any keys, key-less entry cards, id badges and the like prior to leaving. Do not keep these as a souvenir because it could cost you that last paycheck.What do you really need them for anyway?

6. Be careful of social media postings

Just be careful, and cautious what you post in regards to  your formal company/job. In a society where everyone turns to social media to get things off their chest, it is not the place! It can turn a positive reference into a negative one. It can also cost you a future position with a new company.

This is the official last post & video of this series! Very soon I will be sharing much more with you about my new career and all the exciting things that come with that! Thank you for allowing me to share these last few post and I hope that they are encouraging to those they need to be.

With lots of love,
~ Sheila ~

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