Monday, January 22, 2018

Motivational Monday: Get over yourself

I am in a mood today, and I am having a hard time shaking it off. So, the next best thing? "Share it so others will understand your not perfect and you don't have your shit together like they think you do." Heck, why not!? What have I got to lose?

It started Friday when I got a friend request on my personal Facebook page. I knew the name. It was someone my husband dated before we even met. Yet, why the heck did she feel the need to look me up? Likely because the night before my husband was being very sweet ~ and shared a  touching post about how much he loved his wife. So after pondering for a little while I thought "What the hey" and clicked to accept the request yet..... she had removed it. Changed her mind. Perhaps curiosity got to her, and then regret soon followed. I have no idea but for just a second I stood up like an irritated bull wanting to charge because I was seeing red! LOL I shook it off, and I thought nothing more of it honestly until today. All weekend I have been "out of sorts" with sinus issues and just feeling run down. Maybe I should take a walk or in the least sit outside in the fresh air this afternoon when I get home.

This morning I woke up in a fog because I had taken medicine the night before for sinus stuff and my whole Monday  morning was out of kilter. Add onto that bringing a kiddo to work with me who needed to be dropped off and picked up in the span of time that I am at my own job and I feel like all of my space is violated. Don't get me wrong, I love that she has a job that she loves and I LOVE spending time with my kids, my husband our family. BUT sometimes I want one thing to be just mine. My work space it is .... yet it can't be at the moment.

Why am I being so open and vulnerable with you? Because, I don't feel this way often and you usually do not get to see a lot of that from me, from this blog. I am a real person, with real feelings. Some days, thankfully not many, I just want to cry, scream, and kick my feet too ~ yet I try to hold it together because someone like me shouldn't do something like that.

Good news? I can go to bed early and well.... try again tomorrow.

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