Thursday, October 25, 2018

Busy just might mean your complacent

As busy women, it is so easy to find ourselves in the season of "busy" yet get frustrated when we can't seem to find a healthy balance in our lives. It's not always that your busy. In fact... maybe your living in complacency. 

Now before we go on please do not think I am laying judgement on you! I am not. When I post a blog it is always something that has been on my heart, and let's be real ~ when that happens I often find a tribe that has been dealing with all that I have been dealing with as well. Never will you find yourself alone in any situation. There has always been someone who has done it, been through it and can tell you all about what the other side looks like. 

Anytime I feel unbalanced in any area of my life, it isn't' because "life is crazy" as I have often said, often heard, often believed. No. In fact, it is often because I have become complacent in at least ONE area of my life if not the whole dang thing!

As a working  mom whose teenagers are in sports I can tell you that life gets busy. I understand that. But I can also tell you that sometimes we allow that to be our excuse. Now I know how that might hurt some feelings but trust me when I say I am not trying to imply that. Don't be offended so easily! That is a huge deficit to our society right now that is that when someone either has their feelings hurt for feel misunderstood they want to throw that flag down! Let's move forward shall we!

Someone who is complacent has become overly content. Even in, and often in situations that one might wish they were not in. That is where I found myself in  for a season and I have discovered that when I am in that place, at first I think I am perfectly fine. Until. Until everything around me becomes unbalanced and soon spinning out of control. Often when we feel that way, we seek out others who are in that same space ~ especially in the world of social media at our fingertips. I can tell you I am no different. Sadly, I must say I found countless other people feeling like I was and at first it was freeing. I wasn't going crazy! HAHA

Now, let's enter in the Sheila you all know so well. The Sheila who just can't follow a pack, and eventually gets bored doing what others are doing. I am happiest when I am doing my own thing, and my natural "own thing" seems to be growing in whatever areas that I feel I need to grow in. I became complacent in the areas that mattered most to me. In my writing ~ it went to just about nothing which is not going to get me to where I want to be. In my health ~ it seems I am back to my "starting" weight from years ago and it is NOT where I want to be. To be frank, (or Francesca haha) I have become the Queen of Complacency but ... I am ready to take off my crown!

I miss the productive Sheila. I miss the Sheila that hits all of her goals and like surprising in ways that sometimes surprise even me! I realized something though. I have been watching Jennifer Ross' older videos and I feel like I have found my "tribe" again. I have found my mojo! Often at work I can listen to videos and such as I am working and do you know how many people have videos/ podcasts/ etc that actually ENCOURAGE complacency by simply saying it's okay to stay where you are for as long as you need to? Too many! Too much "Just do enough to get by" is what will lead one down a path of never reaching reaching their goals, and even sadly going backwards!

Don't misunderstand me. There ARE times in our lives where we are just keeping our head above water because if we don't we will sink. I get that. But it never ever should be a lifestyle and I concede. I let it become my lifestyle! No more! And for me ... that means I have to swing the pendulum the other way a bit before it will balance out some. I will be launching two new blogs outside of  after the first of the year. One to spotlight my weight-loss & health journey that I will be starting in November and another to share about all things writing & planner related. I am also writing a new book that I hope to release mid December! Yes, you read that right! And don't forget  all the little postings on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube! (You can click those to link up to their relative pages!)

Thank you for hanging in with me as I went through this transitional season! Its been a long one but one that I am thankful for! I grew, and I found myself that buried under a blanket of BS! But hey, I came out renewed, refreshed, and ready! I hope you are ready too! 

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