Monday, October 29, 2018

Motivational Monday: It's time to Double Down!

If anything, I have heard the phrases "Double Down" and "Go All In" over and over. Now, while I am not one of the betting kind, sometimes I like taking a chance. 

In fact, one of my fondest memories of my husband and I is the one time we decided to get away and go play in the casinos for a night. It's not something that we do very often, and to be honest I wished did do it more ~ because when we get away and it's just the two of us we are not glued to our phones, social media like we are on the daily. 

Anyhoo, I have been hearing the phrase "double down" at least daily for the last few weeks. Now mind you I am an avid personal development learner, and I am always trying to find someone to inspire me in my personal growth. Sometimes it is just life stuff, and other times it is on the business end. Gary Vaynerchuck is one who I have been just soaking in on the way to work, during work, and on the way home. He is really big on just doubling down and doing what you love instead of sitting on your arse wishing things would work out. I get it. I am a proactive, productive kind of gal. 

In fact, I am double downing (is that even an appropriate phrase) on something I love to do which is writing. I will have a new title for you come the middle of December ~ which to be quite honest will be a GREAT read for those women (like me) who sometimes get overwhelmed during the holidays. I am going to "double down" and put my head down and work on the things that are important to me ~ regardless of what others may think or say. I don't care anymore! I am going all in... and putting a lot of energy into this blog, (and 2 others that I will release to you after the beginning of the new year) my YouTube channel, and of course the book I just spoke of. Do you know what that means? It means saying NO to many things I wished I could say YES to! It means working into the late hours of the night, early hours of the morning and yes... weekends too. It means taking my laptop to things like football games, my livingroom, and the kitchen to work while I am doing other things. It means it will be all consuming ~ but is it worth it? Hell yes it is! Heaven yes it is! In other words .... YES! 

But ... I am hoping this post inspires you to double down on the things that really matter to you & make you a better person. That inspires you to bet on yourself in this thing called life ~ because to be honest if you cannot bet on you and your dreams ..... who else will? If you are wanting to be the best in whatever your doing ... you have to push past the general consensus of the majority of today's society that says doing enough to get by is enough. If you truly believe that ~ you will NEVER find satisfaction!  I am so tired of hearing "I have it all I could and that has to be enough." I get it. I know that feeling. I have lived it. And let me tell you something. If just doing enough... is okay, you are not living a full life. "Doing enough" to survive is NOT good enough! You are worth more, which means you are worth more of an effort. Your dreams, your goals are worth the effort that you need to put in Stop putting them on the backburner. Stop letting other people dumb down your desire! Let it rise, let it consume you! Challenge yourself. Do more than you ever have before, because trust me you are very capable! If I can believe in you ~ you should believe in yourself too! 

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