Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Not Knowing Your ROI is killing your success!

Not knowing what your ROI is killing your success. I am not just talking business wise, I am talking in life!

ROI = Return of Investment

Think about what you invest in every single day. Investing is not something that is just financial either. I don't know about you, but lately it seems that I am being challenged with my time. I am coming to find out where I can invest better with my time to get the end result I am looking for. 

I have a personal project I am working on that will indeed take a lot of time and I am willing to invest that time, but knowing that I need to figure out where else my investment of time is going and if it truly is serving my needs.  If were to be completely honest with myself, I will tell you that I have a few activities in my life that are bringing my bottom line lower than it should. 

“Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best.“ St. Jerome

I have quoted the quote above many times before from St. Jerome, but in this instance it rises to forefront of my mind. Life is one big learning lesson and we grow every day by the choices we made the day before. This is no exception when it comes to figuring out our ROI. 

It is my biggest goal to encourage you to live your life to the fullest, with no regrets! None. Not one! And if you are not receiving your best ROI from the time you have then you are not living your best life.  If you have a dream or a goal that seems unattainable, ask yourself how you are spending your time. Better yet, how are you INVESTING your time? Countless hours on social media fiddle farting around is not what leads you to accomplishing the thing that you so desire. Even if you are on it for "business" related things ~ I can almost promise you that you go down a rabbit hole at least once a day. For some that could mean a wasted thirty minutes, for others three hours. Don't get me wrong, I love social media as much as the next person and I was only using it as an example because it is something that we all can relate to. 

Through the years the way I buy groceries has changed quite a bit. When I was younger, I would simply just go get groceries without a plan. As our family began to grow, I learned to make a menu plan and a grocery list to coincide. That particular habit I honed and groomed until it was almost perfection. Then enters the lovely "curbside" services from our local grocers that made it where I could order online and someone else could tromp through the store finding what I needed. It was one of the greatest inventions! And now, enter .... grocery delivery! Not only have I cut my "extra" time down, I now do not even have to drive to the store! Sunday was my first opportunity to utilize that gift and now I am pretty sure it will be a regular occurrence! See for me the 4.95 + tip is well worth the ROI of giving me two hours back into my week! 

Christmas shopping for me is pretty much been the same for the last few years. Some refuse to order things online, I can't imagine not! Time is important to me as a working wife and momma. I have Saturday and Sunday to "get it all done" and outside of football season, I also have learned that I can spend a little bit of extra time on Thursdays and Fridays to make sure that even the household things are done ahead of my weekend. 

So, I challenge you ~ to look at your time and see if your getting the best ROI you can. Do not just look at one day, however, go ahead and look at the whole week, or even better yet ~ look at your  month. How is the investment of time going? How can you improve it? I'd love to continue this conversation in the comments below! :) Ya'll have a GREAT Tuesday! 

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