Friday, November 16, 2018

Menu Planning before the Big Day

Hey ya'll! Guess what!? It's almost Thanksgiving! I wasn't sure if you knew since so many have already decorated for Christmas. (*Insert Silly Sarcasm Here*)

In fact, that reminded me to share this video from a couple of years ago! "Let a Turkey Have His Day!" 

Funny stuff right!? Okay, so the purpose of this post is to simply share my menu for the next few nights leading up to Thanksgiving and how I am currently planning my menu plan for the week. First, let me add a little disclosure! I do not share my menu plans, grocery hauls and such to gain approval from anyone. My family is pretty healthy so if what I cook, buy does not appeal to you then these kinds of posts are likely not your ideal content to consume and that's okay! Just scroll through and come back another day! Also, this week is not your typical week because it contains a couple of gatherings, take out (maybe twice) and quick easy meals. 

B: Chocolate Chip Pancakes
D: DoorDash Delivery (Likely Wendy's) If you scroll to the bottom I can give you an affiliate link where you can save $7 on your first order using Diner Dash and right now they are offering FREE delivery for new customers! (At the time of this posting)

B: Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Hashbrowns
L: Leftovers from the week
D: Friendsgiving with neighbors!

B: Donuts (We haven't done donuts in a long time) or "find your own"
L: ??
D: Grilled Cheese Burgers & Fries

B: (Boys home from school ~ find your own)
L: (Boys home from school ~ find your own)
D: Philly Cheese-steak Sammies & Chips

B:(Boys home from school ~ find your own)
L: (Boys home from school ~ find your own)
D: Creamy Pesto Ranch Chicken w/ Steamed Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrots and Garlic Bread

B: (Boys home from school ~ find your own)
L: (Boys home from school ~ find your own)
D: Take Out! Popeye's Chicken or Hobo's.

Thursday ~ Happy Thanksgiving
B: Monkey Bread
L: Thanksgiving FEAST
D: Leftovers

Whenever I am planning my meals the first thing I do is check the weather! There is nothing worse than planning to grill a steak or chicken on the grill and it be pouring down rain! So, I always check to see the precipitation and especially from now through April the temps. Some people can cook by what sounds good ~ I like to plan by what we *might* would want with a little wiggle room to save grace. Just like the menu above. I often do not cook a big meal the night before Thanksgiving since I will be in the kitchen a lot of Thanksgiving day. How I planned during football season really was no different with the exception I tried to plan well for game days. Tried being the key word there. I have been using my Carrie Elle planner ~ not to plan since I do that on lists and such, but to display in my kitchen for the family to see what to expect. Having it posted somewhere visual (I live in a house full of males after all) they actually look at it and it cuts down on the whole "what's for dinner". And let me share this. I don't always display breakfast or lunches. They just know! 

I will share my Thanksgiving menu in the next couple of days but what I really want to know is what are YOU cooking that you are absolutely loving right now?

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