Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thankful Thursday Nov 8th

It's November. Yes. Already! Do you know what that means?? No, I am not talking about Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking, or any other Christmas tradition! LOL Not yet anyway! But I think we all could use a reminder of sorts ~ and that is that November is about being thankful, finding the spirit of gratitude and to appreciate the things we often take for granted. 

I shared more about what I am grateful for in my video today, but I thought I would share about how to find that spirit of gratitude. Maybe the elections didn't go as you would have liked, or you got a bill in the mail you weren't expecting. Perhaps you are finding yourself in turmoil with your career, or at a loss to find friendships. Whatever it is, I can promise you that if you shift from focusing on what is missing to what is already presently in your face,  you will begin to discover how blessed you really are.

1. Make a list. It can be on paper, in paint, in your head! The point is to start counting your blessings! All the way from the $ in the bank to the toiler paper you wipe your hiney with! 

2. Start telling people "Thank you" whether it be for something mundane as holding a door open, to cooking your family a meal. The more you find to say Thank You about, the more opportunities you will be given to say it again, again, and again. 

3. Gratitude makes you stronger, not weaker. You are weak in spirit, mind, and body when you are no longer thankful and appreciative for the little things in life. Watch what happens when you begin to appreciate everything. You become healthy in ALL areas of your life. 

4.  Get up the next day and do it all over again! 

Seriously ya'll! I don't have to go be wordy to preach to ya to tell you to stop complaining and go be more grateful, now do I?

Ya'll have a good evening! You can watch the video here:

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