Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I Just Want To Be Happy

Have you ever just realized that ONE thing that you really want in life? For many it might be money, it might be success, it might be wisdom. Do you know what I want? All I want in this lifetime is to be happy!

I often get asked "are you really that happy all the time" .... and I am often taken aback because I don't always know how to answer that. See, all I want in this life is to be happy so the more often that I have people ask me that I just get pumped! It's a reminder that I am living the life of my dreams ~ and to be real ... the life many long to live.

Let me stop right here and say one thing. Being happy, doesn't mean that my life is perfect, painless, or even where I want it to be. See, if you live every day like it's your last one ~ why wouldn't you strive to "just be happy".

Okay. Now, before I go into some depth of what "happy" looks like to me, I have to tell you ~ many are just like you right now. Shaking their head, and thinking how obnoxious I really am! (Insert evil laugh here!) Those close to me, or at least close enough to tell me the truth ~ have told me that they seriously thought I was faking being happy. They have told me "there is no way anyone in their right mind can be happy all the time ~ but you really are the real deal!". Did you read that?! I AM THE REAL DEAL! LOL

Okay. I will stop tooting my own here and really share my heart with you on this whole "happy" business. And to be honest, it takes some investment. An investment in you.

Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people & their situations, lifestyle, and embrace your own life as the beautiful art work that it is. 

Did you read that? Read it again and let it sink in real good. Happiness is found.. in you. Deep within you. When you remove the whole shebang of comparing your life to someone else, and vice versa you will eliminate about 85% of the stress you have allowed to steal your joy ~ and is a stunning bi-product of genuine, authentic happiness. There are a lot of bitter people out there spending hours upon hours of being so unhappy with their own lives that they want to belittle and tear apart those who are just out there living their best life. And sadly, social media and reality television have made it so common, that often our happiness is just sucked right on out without even feeling the pressure to fight against it. I am my happiest person when I am doing the things that I love, and not worrying about what anyone else is doing, saying, or even thinking. When I am singing at the top of my lungs and having a dance party in the car to wherever I am headed, THAT my friends... is a tell tale sign I am living MY best life ~ and that is all I need to worry about. THAT is my artwork for the world, to be my genuine authentic and most exuberant bundle of energy full of joy, peace, and happiness! THAT is when I can give who I am to who needs me to be me.

Happiness comes from within, and is found in the present moment by making peace with the past, living in the moment of now & looking forward to the future. 

Wowzers! Preach sister Preach! You cannot find happiness outside of you. Money doesn't buy it. People don't give it to you (though they can share their own happiness with you). You can't work for it (unless you indeed learn to put the work in to let go of the crap that is weighing you down). It truly comes from YOU living in the moment of now! Not yesterday in the "would haves" "could haves" should haves", not in the memories, though they are often nice, and surely not in the worries of things to come. Embracing this day as if it is your last one and squeezing every bit of life out of every minute is the start. Dance in the rain, take a walk in the mountains, call the friend, go out for a drink with your spouse/significant other. Do the things that make you happy and that you thoroughly enjoy! But, go ahead and plan for the future! Not the parts you worry about, but about the trips you want to take, the life you WANT to live, and each day do something that will get you that much closer!

Happiness is journey, not a destination! It's a lifestyle! Much like training for a marathon, or learning a new sport, you MUST take steps daily to make it a habit. Some of them are easy, some are more difficult.

  • Stop focusing on what's wrong, and focus on what is right! When you do that, and give appreciation & gratitude for what is right, you will begin to see what is not working, turn around.
  • Be mindful of the energy around you. I know that sounds like Hocus Pocus, but hear me out! People are living energy. (Just as pets and plants) If you find that when you are around someone, and your energy levels drop ... it's time to take the lead on that energy! Whether you realize it or not we absorb the energy around us, unless we put out enough energy to at least neutralize it. You may wake up energized and ready to tackle the world, but let's say you get to work and within ten minutes you feel groggy, tired, irritated. 99% of that occurs because of the energy being put off in the environment that you are in. 1% .. might be that you are just doing what you shouldn't be and it's time to change either what you are doing (time to learn something new, change careers, etc)
  • Limit social media exposure. If you are finding yourself wishing things were different, unhappy in the little things, or discontent, try walking away from social media for a day. If that didn't do it, do it for a week! BUT take note ~ of the changes while you are away. We have become so desensitized to the things that make us happy ~ by watching what makes others happy. You may need to pare down who or what you spend time with /on in your social media time. Maybe cleaning out your friends lists or people you follow should be a priority.
  • Have patience with yourself. Sometimes, outside circumstances can become taxing on our emotions, but if we are grounded in our own happiness those circumstances can't steal the inner peace that comes from genuine happiness. 
Thank you for spending a few moments with me this afternoon. I have missed blogging like crazy, and have been wanting to put blogging back as a priority as it once was. I know I have said it many times, but I am back and ready to share more! :) Until next time, find your true happiness and go live your best life like no one else can! YOU are a beautiful masterpiece that has so much to share with the world! :) 


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