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Mindset Monday: Imperfectly Perfect | March 25, 2019

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So, let's talk about the elephant that is always in the room ~ our imperfections. They do not have to be our mortal enemy! In fact, they are the perfect part about us, that separates us from everyone else. Our imperfections are indeed what make us perfect.

I mean let's be real. We all have imperfections. Now, that is not a disclaimer to say you being an asshole is an imperfection ~ that's a character flaw. HAHA.

In the later part of Winter  I watched the movie "I feel pretty" by Amy Schumer and let me tell you, it changed my perspective and opened my eyes! Without giving too much of the movie away, Amy's character desperately wanted to "feel pretty" and she was convinced that if she was just pretty, her whole life would be perfect. I think we have all been there at one point, I know I have so I could indeed relate to her character. Replace the whole "feel pretty" with feeling thin and yes girl! But see, I have been thin before, but I was miserable! I was in a misses size 4 ~ pushing a 2, and I could still list a ton of flaws. Sadly now, six years later I am far away from that size 4, but I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Anyway, in the movie Amy gets her wish to see herself pretty ~ only thing is everyone else see's her as she is. BUT her confidence is through the roof and she owns her truth ~ even if it is hidden. At the end she see's pictures of herself comparing herself from her original version, and ... her new "pretty" version ..... and then realizes that nothing on the outside changed, it was the inside that did.

I am at that confident place now, and I am loving it! I seriously told someone yesterday that if I could be my own best friend, I would. :) Never in my life have I felt so good about who I am, how I represent myself, and who I have become. I know, sounds like I am full of myself but confidence is an amazing quality to have. I have learned to embrace my imperfections perfectly because we all have them. Not one of us is perfect, and I am so tired of people trying to present themselves as such. The whole YouTube community is inundated with channels who choose to only show the good things in life. While I understand NOT showing the negative because what you focus on is what you attract in your life. However, being fake and/or limiting a perspective to avoid judgement and criticism is just terrible. I mean, it's not like we are all fooled. Again, no one is perfect. No life is perfect. HOWEVER, when we embrace our imperfections, they do become perfectly ours. They are already a part of our truth ~ but it is up to us to accept them. That is the phase of life I am in at this time ~ embracing the imperfections and allowing them to simply just be perfectly me.

Do you know that by accepting my flaws, every single one of them, I have opened this whole new perspective of who I am and by golly it has opened up how I share my personality both online and in person. It's like ... "Hey world! Here I am! Let's Play!".

So, I encourage you to go embrace those flaws. Love them. Embrace them. And never ever feel bad about them.

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