One Pretty Little Box came about many years ago when I was a younger mother needing a way to express a part of who I was. This blog started out as a just a journey of growing up into the woman I am today. Over time, as I have shared many of you have written me personal letters and emails about how what I have shared has impacted your life as a wife, mother, even just a human being.

In this blog you will find encouragement to live your life as the gift it has been given to you as. You will find many recipes that will put a whole new spin on your meal plan. Along the way, you might discover relationship advice (marriage, parenting, extended family, friends, coworkers, etc), craft ideas, organizing tips for your home or just your life, and so much more.

I am Sheila, a Texas mother of three teenagers, wife to her husband of 20 years, home keeper, resident chef, preschool teacher, blogger, and writer. I am busy ~ but I am busy living life. All of these things are just a part of who I am and while a few times a year it feels like I am performing a juggling act, most times I just tackle each bit as it comes. I also blog about it as it happens. Why? Well to share with other busy mothers so they can see that even if they feel like they are going through a season alone, they are not. I share to also share with extended family that are not so close so they can keep up with the silly antics that happens here in our neck of the woods.

I share because watching our kids grow from tiny babies to full size teenagers isn't always easy. It's hard. It is heartbreaking. Yet, it is beautiful!

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