Books I've Written

 "You Are More" is a novel about four women from four different walks of life yet God intertwines their lives to bring redemption, hope, and increased faith. YOU are more! You are more than a clean house, a pristine yard, perfect looking children. You are more than a messy house, an unkempt yard, disheveled children. You are so much more than what shows externally ~ because really it's not all real. More often than not it's a judgement either of yourself by you, or a judgement of yourself by others on what you have allowed them to see (or not see) about your life. Your life is more than even just you living it.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful yet hardest experiences a woman can have. It is sweet and heartbreaking all in the same breath. Embracing each moment as the gift it was intended to be isn't always so easy. May each word in this book inspire and encourage you as the beautiful and amazing mother that you are. Pieces of my heart is a collaboration of a few of Sheila's favorite posts from her popular blog One Pretty Little Box along with a few words to encourage mothers of all ages.

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